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  • Prayers - Catholic Prayers for Every Occasion
  • Catholicism: Religion, Theology, History, Churches - Learn about the faith, religion, and spirituality of Catholicism and how it compares with other religions and faiths of the world! Learn about Catholicism as a religion and its theology, history and churches
  • RCNet - RCNet is a leading Catholic Portal to the Internet. We host Catholic content, provide directories and links to many helpful websites and organizations, and host home pages and domains for parishes and organizations. We also offer free web pages for Catholic parishes and approved organizations.
  • New Advent - Visit New Advent for the Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopedia and more.
  • National Catholic Reporter - The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company reports, comments and reflects on the church and society. It strives for excellence in its publications, supporting a full, honest and open exchange of ideas. It works out of a Roman Catholic tradition and an ecumenical spirit. It emphasizes solidarity with the oppressed and respect for all. It understands that peace, justice and integrity of environment are not only goals but also avenues of life.
  • The Catholic Company - Your Catholic Bookstore: Catholic Books and Gifts, Bibles, Rosaries, Medals, Decorative Art, Jewelry,  Multimedia, Encyclicals and more...
  • Catholic World News (CWN) - Catholic World News provides daily reports and analysis from an independent Catholic perspective. Our coverage includes the Vatican news and updates from the Holy Land; papal audiences, encyclicals and other statements by Pope John Paul II; the Roman Curia and the College of Cardinals; special synods and papal conclaves; Cardinal Ratzinger and the US bishops.
  • H-Catholic - H-Catholic is devoted to promoting the discussion and study of the history and culture of Catholicism
  • - Catholic Net is "an international Catholic Church web portal
  • Catholic Online - Serving as a Center for the Exchange of Information for Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of Our Catholic Faith
  • Catholic College Search - Catholic College Search. Find the right Catholic college or university for you. Get quick facts or get extensive help in preparing and searching for college. Includes Quick Search, Advanced Search, Catholic College Admission Application, Financial Aid and College Prep advice. Direct links to colleges' web sites. Information is provided by NCCAA and ACCU member colleges
  • The Catholic Store - The Catholic Store's mission is to provide our customers with the best and most complete selection of Catholic Bibles, Books, and Religious Goods
  • EWTN - Global Catholic Network - Featuring Catholic Q and A, a Catholic Document Library, an Audio Library, Catholic News, programming information for EWTN Television and WEWN radio
  • Women Priests - We present the case for ordaining women as priests in the Catholic Church. We provide detailed, exhaustive evidence from Scripture, Tradition and Theology
  • Vatican - the Holy See - A comprehensive site for all visitors interested in learning about The Vatican, Vatican museums, Catholicism, The Bible, The Roman Curia, The Holy Father, and much, much more
  • Catholic Educator's Resource - An Internet library of journal articles, essays, book excerpts, and other texts chosen for their objective, concise, and clear presentation of Catholic teachings, history, and culture
  • The Catholic Exchange - A portal for your faith and life providing education and information on Catholics, Catholic Church, Catholic Faith, Roman Catholic, Roman Catholicism, Church of Rome, Bible, Priests, Holy, Saints, God, Trinity, Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother, Blessed Virgin, Virgin Mary, Mother of God