» Chemistry - Databases
  • ChemExper - catalog of chemical suppliers, physical characteristics and search engine
  • ChemIDplus Advanced - Chemical Information Resources pointing to biomedical information, ChemIDplus structure/name file, HSDB structure file, NCI3D Structure file, search by name, struucture, substructure with hyperlinked locators for immediate searches of toxicology and medical data by CAS Registry Number
  • Chemical Database - Searches can be performed based on chemical name(s), CAS format formula and registry numbers (CAS, EINCEC, RTECS, Merck, Beilstein, UN(DOT), Std. Transportation numbers, EPA pesticide code and RCRA).
  • Information Systems and Databases - The numerical Detherm database contains phase equilibrium data and phase equilibria, thermophysical, thermodynamic and chemical properties of pure substances and mixtures
  • ChemBank - Chembank is a public, web-based informatics environment created by the Broad Chemical Biology program and funded in large part by the National Cancer Institute Initiative for Chemical Genetics (ICG). This environment includes a freely available collection of data about small molecules and resources for studying their properties, including their effects on biology. It is intended to assist biologists who wish to identify small molecules that can be used to perturb a particular biological system, to guide chemists designing novel compounds or libraries, and to serve as a source of data for cheminformatic analyses. ChemBank currently stores information on approximately one million compounds and a number of biological assays that have been run at the Broad Institute. More importantly, ChemBank is in the process of developing sophisticated analytical tools to enable chemists to design better chemical libraries and to enable biologists to more readily identify potential classes of biological probes