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  • Building Your Own Computer - Extensive instructions and pictures to build your own computer. Covers areas from where and what to purchase to how it works with the rest of the Machine
  • DIY: Installing a Desktop PC Motherboard - A do-it-yourself tutorial explaining how to properly install a motherboard into a computer case. Includes a step-by-steo guide to the installation along with pictures for the various steps
  • Homepcbuilder.com - Learn to Build a Computer, Build Your Own Computer Learn to assemble your own computer with our Web-based streaming videos. Building a custom computer doesn't have to be difficult
  • Computer Hardware Explained - Computer Hardware Explained seeks to explain all the computer hardware components in an easy to understand way
  • How to build a computer - Your guide to building a custom PC. Help with parts selection, a step by step installation guide, and message forums to make sure your computer is built right
  • Build Computers - Comprehensive guides and tutorials on how to build computers. Component selection, product reviews and a step-by-step assembly guide to help you build a customized trouble free computer for any need.
  • Computer Hope - Helping you with ALL your computer related questions complete information on all hardware and software
  • Build Your Own Computer - Build Your Own Computer is a place where the do it yourselfer can get the educational information to build their own computer. Learn to assemble your own system with our FREE illustrated tutorial that will show you step by step how YOU can build a PC in one short afternoon
  • Build Easy PC - Illustrated step by step guide on how to build your own PC. Hardware guide, Software installation procedure, Troubleshooting guide, Discussion forum, etc.
  • Mother Boards - Motherboards.org home page. Motherboards.org is the most comprehensive motherboard site on the Web.
  • Waterwheel - Get help from waterwheel.com on all topics related to the PC. Learn to build your own PC in just 2 hours.... Tutorials on installing troubleshooting and repairing your computer at home. Hundreds of windows tips
  • Price Watch - Search Engine that covers Computer Component Street Prices
  • Build or Buy? - PC resources with emphasis on building or buying your PC
  • Cool Computer Cases - Are you looking for cool computer cases? Have a look a great cool computer cases I found on the Internet. Also learn how to put together your own cool custom computer case mods at home. Put in your own modification like windowing, lighting, switches, cooling fan and many more

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