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  • Laptops Systems - Laptops - Laptop computers are a great alternative to a desktop computer, but there are some important distinctions. Learn to care for your laptop, make decisions and even resell your unit
  • YouTube - Laptop Repair & Maintenance - How to Change a Laptop Video Card
  • YouTube - Gateway laptop disassembly and repair
  • eHow - How to Repair a Laptop Keyboard

  • eHow - How to Test a Laptop Battery: Laptop Repair & Maintenance
  • eHow - How to Change a Laptop Processor
  • Laptop Repair Help - Laptop and notebook repair help. Do-it-yourself instructions, manuals, tips and tricks.
  • Laptop overheating causes - Laptop overheating causes, consequences and cures. Why notebook computers get too hot and shut down, how overheating harms your laptop, and how to cure and avoid laptop overheating
  • Howstuffworks "How Laptops Work" - Laptop Computers have advanced so much that you may want to make a laptop your only computer. Learn how laptops work and what you should keep in mind if you are thinking of buying one
  • LAPTOP Magazine - The world is on the move, and Laptop brings you the best that mobility has to offer, including comprehensive reviews of the latest notebooks, cell phones, PDAs, Wi-Fi, projectors, and other gear that will change the way you work and play. We'll also give you the scoop on the latest technologies, and the insights and advice you need to get more done on the go. LAPTOP is the mobile tech authority
  • Roadnews - Tips and tricks for laptop computer equipped travelers
  • Laptops - ConsumerSearch.com reviews the reviews of Laptops, (Laptop Computers), as well as hundreds of other products. The site identifies which products reviewers like and dislike, where they agree or disagree, and why.