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  • Modemsite -56k Modems - v.Unreliable: This site will help you achieve the fastest speed and modem performance for Internet Access
  • DSL Reports - DSL service provider reviews; a great set of online testing tools for your service; help with finding DSL providers; clubs; directories; shopping; forums; and much more
  • Modems Rosenet - The Internet's original source of modem technical information. The information you will find on this site is a combination of resources collected in my last 5 years of professional technical experience with an Internet Service Provider
  • ModemHelp.Org - This site is a free help/support resource center for Modem users of all levels ranging from beginners to advanced users.
  • Cable Modem Help - A resource for users of cable modems. Emphasizing cable modem security and privacy issues. Good collections of tips and instructions to speed up your connection and diagnose problems
  • Everything DSL - Free DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Information, DSL Access, DSL Availability, DSL Technical Issues, Reference, DSL Forum, and DSL Providers