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  • ChefsWorld - A world created by chefs for chefs. The aim of ChefsWorld is to empower chefs in the global market
  • Star Chefs - Famous Chef's Recipes: For gourmet cooks, foodies and the curious. Secret ingredients, anecdotes, tips, and recipes from famous chefs and cookbook authors.
  • Chef Talk - The Internet's best resource for information from professional chefs! Maintained completely by professionals in the food service industry. Chef Talk features top chefs from around the world sharing their favorite recipes, restaurants, books, wines, techniques, and more. Leading experts and suppliers contribute educational articles regularly to Chef Talk.
  • Delia Online - The official home of Delia Smith the UK's favourite TV cook including recipes, cookery tips, menu planning, food ideas, discussion boards and more
  • Chef's Help - Menus to order, help on any cooking problem, help for student chefs, worldwide recipes, food chat rooms, jobs, reviews, everything to do with food and drink
  • Crooked Brook - World's Highest Quality Chef Jackets - Crooked Brook offers custom chef jackets, aprons, hats, and vests. Site contains information on the company; photos of clothing details such as piping, buttons, and fabric; a size chart; prices and their policies

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