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  • Police Supplies - Police supplies including police gifts, tactical gear, police software, handheld software, police collectibles, police books, police magazines, and law enforcement equipment for police departments and police officers
  • Electrophysics - Electrophysics night vision cameras, thermography, and infrared imaging solutions for low light level surveillance for law enforcement use
  • First Defense International - Manufacturer/distributor of body armor, vehicle armor, ballistic products, anti-stab vests, tactical gear, security, law enforcement, military, equipment, information, and services
  • Forensic Art - Services by a forensic artist, including composite sketching, facial reconstruction, age-progression, and image enhancement.
  • MontedPoliceWorldwide.com - Mounted Police Officer Certification, Training, and Equipment for Law Enforcement Agencies and Civilian Riders
  • Mobile Concepts - Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY is the number one manufacturer and distributor of the Scotty Fire Safety Houses. In addition to fire safety, we provide mobile command trailers and community safety houses for law enforcement professionals
  • LSH Lights - Service oriented retailer of safety and emergency equipment for law enforcement personnel. Offering low cost shipping on both big and small items, flashlights and knives to LED and strobe lights
  • Trooper Trap - TROOPER TRAP is an officer safety tool designed to assist in simple and standard officer safety tactics by sounding an external alarm if the detainee unhooks the seatbelt
  • US Radar, Inc - Manufactures speed radar guns for law enforcement and speed measuring devices for sports