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  • Learning Things - Learning how to use the library is an important skill that helps kids in all subjects
  • Read Print - A warm welcome to Read Print, your free online library. Our website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast
  • Association of Research Libraries - ARL is a non-profit membership organization of research libraries, operating as a forum for exchanging ideas and as an agent for collective action
  • Libraries of the World - Links to libraries and their catalogues in Britain and abroad: compiled by a retired librarian
  • Library Resource Guide - This directory of library services and suppliers is provided, free of charge, by Information Today, Inc., the publisher of the authoritative American Library Directory
  • Public Library Locator - The Public Library Locator and the Public Library Outlet Locator will help you find information about a public library or a library service outlet, when you know some information about it
  • School Libraries - This is the Home Page of the website for school-libraries.net. This is a part of the websites and services of Peter Milbury, school librarian, teacher, writer, consultant and Internet trainer
  • Questia - An online Library for your study and research needs
  • Library of Congress Exhibitions - The Library of Congress offers a wide range on online exhibitions featuring treasures from its own collections as well as the treasures of other national libraries worldwide
  • Internet Resources in Literature - A Literary Index provides both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature. This site is not intended to be an exhaustive index of all literary resources; rather it functions both as a descriptive meta-index to all things literary and as a review of the most important lists of literary resources and collections of literary links that proliferate on the Internet
  • Library of America - The Library of America, a nonprofit publisher, is dedicated to preserving the works of America's greatest writers in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Communicate with The Library of America or signup for Library of America E-News
  • Library and Archival Exhibitions - The site features links to online exhibitions created by libraries, archives, and historical societies, as well as to museum online exhibitions with a significant focus on library and archival materials (such as printed books, book illustrations, manuscripts, photographs, printed ephemera, posters, archival audio and video recordings, artist's books, and the book arts). Includes a separate introduction. The list of exhibitions is arranged alphabetically by title and shows the names of the sponsoring institutions
  • School Libraries on the Web - A comprehensive "directory of web pages maintained by K-12 school libraries in the United States and around the world
  • The National Library of Russia - The home page of the National Library of Russia in Saint-Petersburg. It one the biggest library in the world. General information, language supports, NLR-on-line, partners and publicity, departments and collections, electronic catalogues, activities
  • PhotoGraphicLibraries - The research resource centre. Photo library offers picture researchers and educational departments access to national film archives, national archives and photographic research facilities. The film archives, moving image library has media and advertising agency, journalist and digital images. The educational content for research students includes, sports photography, royalty free images, stock photos from the leading agencies and archive collections listed in the national archives is fine art, photographic prints and graphics information. Media arts and historical photos for college students and university courses are listed on the photographic libraries web site
  • Library Booksales - librarybooksales.org is a leading web site for matching book buyers with quality books that have been donated to public libraries
  • The Shifted Librarian - A 'shifted librarian' is "someone who is working to make libraries more portable. We're experimenting with new methods, even if we find out they don't work as well as we thought they would. Sometimes, we're waiting for our colleagues, our bosses, and even the kids to catch up, but we're still out there trying. And please don't think I don't love books and print, because I do. No amount of technology will ever replace them, and libraries will always be a haven for books. It's the extras that I'm concentrating on, especially as we try to serve our remote patrons
  • Library of California - Network of California Libraries - The Library of California is a statewide program, established in 1999, to provide equitable access to library materials and information resources for all Californians. The California State Library home page details the Library's services to local libraries, state and local government and the public as well as links to California Research Bureau papers online, LDS publications, the California Library Directory and other useful information

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