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  • American Coalition for Ethanol - The American Coalition for Ethanol promotes the production and use of ethanol - America's renewable fuel. Ethanol is a biofuel made from corn and other crops and, soon, from cellulosic sources like switchgrass
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  • Ethanol - How the Fuel is Produced, Growing Corn and Other Feedstocks, and More  - TreeHugger
  • Ethanol Reshapes the Corn Market - This article examines the possible market impacts of the ongoing expansion of the U.S. ethanol sector. To meet the sector's growing demand for corn, some of the corn produced in the United States is likely to be diverted from exports. In the future, corn may cease to be the main feedstock for U.S. ethanol production if cellulosic biomass is successfully developed as an alternative
  • Ethanol Across America - a unique grassroots information network. It is a partnership between industry and government that is committed to advancing the production and use of renewable fuel ethanol by implementing a comprehensive education and outreach program. The result of this effort will be increased consumer and public support for the policies and programs that sustain ethanol production and use, thereby paving the way for the growth of this home grown fuel that can help our economy, environment and reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil