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  • SurfWax, Inc. -- Practical Tools for Finding and Using Information
  • 7in1 Web - 7in1 Web is a power resource center to: search the web 7 times faster, find great web sites, and improve your internet image. We offer affordable services: web design, hosting, graphics design, Free tips on: web site design, free web templates
  • Ixquick - Ixquick submits your search to the major search engines and finds sites that are universally ranked in the top ten
  • Multimeta - Oneclick Search - The Meta Search Engine - simultaneous metasearch in the major international search engines. Metacrawler with Live Search, Free URL submission, Meta Tag Creation and more
  • SearchEzee - SearchEzee queries over 200 of the top search engines, directories and topical resources, in an easy to use interface. A search tool for Internet research
  • Turbo 10 - The Turbo10 Metasearch Engine helps searchers to quickly home in on a relevant topic cluster and find a result quicker. Topics are generated for each search and are listed in a pull down menu at the top of the search results to help users refine their search
  • Vivisimo - Vivísimo wants to change the way search results are displayed on computer screens everywhere. Organized search results with document clustering. No more long, tedious lists.