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  • Our energy - Comprehensive description of renewable and non renewable energy sources. Energy news and videos
  • The Weatherization Pages - A Vermont resource on using cellulose insulation and moisture barriers in attics, walls, and basements to improve safety, comfort, fuel conservation and environmental health in old and new homes
  • NOVA - The Big Energy Gamble - Visit the companion website to the NOVA program The Big Energy Gamble, watch streaming video of the hour-long broadcast episode, read interviews with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and presumptive United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu, check out one NOVA staffer's energy conservation diary, and more
  • Energy Saver 2.0 - Retrofitting for energy conservation can spend a lot of money and save no energy; or spend a little money and save lots of energy. Energy Auditor has a database of weather from 211 U.S. cities and gives an accurate estimate of your specific current energy use and how much you can save by implementing the most effective projects. The program has real time results like a spreadsheet, plus detailed information on a printout. It's ideal for anybody wanting to save energy - homeowners, business owners, realtors, contractors, and engineers. The program isolates the areas of your building that use the most energy - typically the roof. Changing the roof color alone can reduce utility bills by 25%. You can simulate adding attic insulation or ventilation; shading walls or windows; installing double paned or storm windows - and the program gives you a specific energy savings for each project, or combination of projects. All the information you need is included in the help files, including suggestions for the most cost effective projects. Utility rates are increasing by the hour - this is your chance to get ahead of the curve and actually decrease them; now, next year, and for the lifetime of your home or business.
  • National Wind Technology Center - The National Wind Technology Center, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado, is a world-class research facility managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. NWTC researchers work with members of the wind energy industry to advance wind power technologies that lower the cost of wind energy through research and development of state-of-the-art wind turbine designs
  • Solar Panels - Get all the information you need about solar panels and renewable energy
  • Alpha Solar  - We provide cost effective state of the art efficient renewable energy products accessories and complete electric systems for homes cabins boats remote site and back-up power at very competitive prices. Solar energy is the future, its here! use the solar power! Among the large variety of quality solar products we sell are solar panels solar controllers wind generators inverters batteries and a whole lot more. All of our products are made by leading solar energy manufactures such as: Astropower Kyocera Morningstar Sharp Shell Sunwize Xantrex and Unisolar just to name a few
  • Solarbuzz - Independent, comprehensive, timely information on the Solar Energy Industry
  • American Wind Energy Association - Since 1974 the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has advocated the development of wind energy as a reliable, environmentally superior energy alternative in the United States and around the world
  • Alliance to Save Energy - Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition promoting energy efficiency, sustainable energy resources, and clean energy.
  • Backwoods Solar Electric Systems - Backwoods Solar Electric Systems specializes in solar generated home electricity, dedicated to serving homes located beyond the reach of utility lines.
  • Sustainable Buildings Industry Council - Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) supports application of climate specific architectural design, green construction materials, and engineering practices resulting in a functional, comfortable, healthy, cost-effective, environmental building.
  • Thermomax Technologies - Solar Energy Convention, Solar Energy Exhabition, Solar Energy News, Collector Sizing, Collector Selection, Collector Positioning, Collector Orientation, Concentrators, Solar Energy Products, Collectors, Controllers, Solar Energy Consulting, Solar Energy Systems, Advanced Solar Energy Concepts, Solar Energy Services
  • American Solar Energy Society - The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment.
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network - The Consumer Energy Information site provides information on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Includes fact sheets, energy tips, access to energy experts, reference briefs, and a glossary.
  • Geothermal Education Office - Geothermal energy is the immense source of natural heat that is ever-generating inside the earth. It produces clean reliable power. Around the world the use of geothermal, like that of other renewable, helps conserve depleting fossil fuels, promotes sustainable economies and contributes to national energy security by decreasing dependence on foreign fuel
  • Windmills - An extensive site about windmills, (especially in the UK), illustrated. Includes mills for grinding, pumping, and electricity generation
  • Alternative Energy Store - Your online store for Alternative Energy Goods at wholesale prices. Find complete systems, solar panels, inverters, windmills, batteries, and more!
  • Seawest - WindPower for a clean future - Founded in 1982, SeaWest is the world's leading independent developer of wind energy plants. Building on its past, SeaWest is able to apply its extensive experience to present and future projects. As a master planner and independent developer, SeaWest has the unique ability to develop, finance, operate and maintain wind plants. SeaWest establishes relationships with utility providers, the communities they serve and financial partners throughout the globe, assembling a network of people who have collectively chosen renewable energy. Through these relationships, SeaWest is able to develop turnkey power plants that are economically and environmentally viable sources of energy for utilities and countries around the world
  • Solardyne Corporation - Solardyne Corporation is the premiere source on the Web for reliable renewable energy technology and high-efficiency appliances. The company focuses on the sale of solar and wind power equipment, providing consumers with power-on-demand with no accompanying fuel costs or pollution. Solardyne specializes in solar and wind home power systems, and is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go
  • Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States - This atlas estimates wind energy resource for the United States and its territories and indicates general areas where a high wind resource may exist. This information is valuable to wind energy developers and potential wind energy users because it allows them to choose a general area of estimated high wind resource for more detailed examination. A sitting document, such as that written by Hiester and Pennell (1981), can assist a potential user in going from wind resource assessment to site selection
  • Online Fuel Cells Information Center - Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute. Fuel Cells 2000 provides information to policy makers and the public; supports the early utilization of fuel cells by such means as pilot projects and government purchases; conducts activities designed to foster education, training and as supportive; legal and regulatory environment for fuel cells and related technologies
  • Department of Energy - Fossil Energy - News and feature stories about the Fossil Fuels Industries; Electricity and Gas Regulations; R&D Developments; International news; oil reserves; FY 2003 Budget of the Dept of Energy - Office of Fossil Energy; and much more...
  • Wind Energy and Wind Turbines - Wind energy resources and wind turbine technology, meteorology, economics, research and development, and environmental aspects of renewable energy
  • Solar Power for the Home - The place to go for information about Solar Power in the home environment. Questions answered, information, tips, links and solar products. If it's about solar power at home, it's here

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