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  • Waternet - on the geopolitics of water scarcity in the Middle East
  • Water and human health - LearningSpace - OpenLearn - The Open University - Water is a natural resource that is vital for human survival and health, although only a tiny fraction of the Earth's supply is available to humans and terrestrial animals. In this unit we look at threats, such as pollution, to water's capacity to support life around the world.
  • World Water Assessment Programme - This UN programme seeks to develop the tools for a better understanding of management practices and policies that will help improve the supply and quality of global freshwater resources
  • Global International Waters Assessment - Global International Waters Assessment, UNEP/GEF GIWA, is providing high quality water information and is producing a comprehensive and integrated global assessment of international waters comprising marine, coastal and freshwater areas, and surface waters as well as groundwater's. GIWA will encompass the ecological status of and the causes of environmental problems of shared water areas in the world. Causal chain analyses will be an essential tool used to identify and better understand links between perceived problems and their societal root causes. Scenarios of the future condition of the world's water resources will also be developed. Methods are also developed for analyzing policy options with a view to providing sound scientific advice to the GEF, other decision-makers and to managers concerned with water resources
  • U.S. Water News - Coverage includes water supply, water quality, wastewater treatment, water policy and legislation, litigation and water rights, conservation, climate, international water news, and much much more
  • Water Bank - Water Rights: Water Business: Ranches: Water Properties: Buy: Sell: Broker: Trade: Market: Exchange: Allocate: Appraisal: Privatize: Springs: Bottled Water: Bulk Water: Potable Water: WaterBank Trust: Water Utilities: Agricultural: Municipal: Mining: Industrial: Subdivisions: Water Abstraction: Abstraction Licenses: Trading: River Agent
  • Locate Your Watershed - Environmental Protection Agency's Locate Your Watershed - This invaluable site exploring America's Water Resources with an emphasis on the quality of our Nation's Water features powerful searching, mapping, database querying, and informative hot links
  • The Water Librarians' Home Page - Probably just about anything you will ever need for a water resource... "Resources for librarians in water agencies, water utilities, and related organizations
  • Pew Oceans Commission - Pew Oceans Commission was created to assess the condition of America's oceans and living marine resources, and set national priorities to restore and protect them against unintended fishing impacts, coastal development, pollution, climate change, aquaculture, and invasive species
  • Water Science for Schools - We offer information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge
  • Degassing Nyos - In 1986, a tremendous explosion of CO2 from the lake Nyos, West of Cameroon, killed more than 1700 people and livestock up to 25 km away. The dissolved CO2 is seeping from springs beneath the lake and is trapped in deep water by the high hydrostatic pressure. If the CO2 saturation level is reached, bubbles appear and draw a rich mixture of gas and water up. An avalanche process is triggered which results in an explosive over-turn of the whole lake. Since 1990 a French team has carried out a series of tests in an attempt to release the gas slowly through vertical pipes
  • Nile Basin Initiative - To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common Nile Basin water resources
  • Give Water - Imagine that instead of having water on tap in your home, you have to walk miles each day to collect it. Imagine that when you reach the water source it is a muddy hole in a dried-up river bed. For over a quarter of the world's men, women and children this is reality. WaterAid (Registered No. 288701) is the only charity in the UK that specializes in providing three things to the poorest people in developing countries: water, sanitation and hygiene promotion