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  • Thomas Jefferson Agriculture Institute - The Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute is a "non-profit agricultural education and research center working in support of family farmers. Our main focus is on crop diversification (alternative crops)
  • The National Grange - The National Grange is a rural organization with special interests in agriculture, community service, legislative affairs, women, deaf and hard of hearing persons, and youth and young adults. The Grange is built on the solid foundation of the American family from which comes its strength, progressive character, and tolerance. Today's Grange is a fraternal non-profit community service family organization with a special interest in Agriculture
  • AgBiotechNet - This site contains news, reviews, abstracts, conference reports, jobs, links, hot topics, book chapters and more on agricultural biotechnology
  • Agriculture Online - Agriculture Online provides farmers and other agriculturalists the opportunity to interact with each other, with information providers, with companies and with the world at large. This service from the editors of Successful Farming magazine provides access to diverse business and production news, ideas and advice; the latest information on precision farming and ag computing as well as discussion groups devoted to machinery, weather, livestock and technology. Agriculture Online also allows user to keep up with market trends and weather conditions
  • Farmland.org - American Farmland Trust works to stop the loss of productive farmland and and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment
  • Local Harvest - Find locally grown produce, anywhere in the country! Just enter your zip code to locate farmers markets, CSAs, farm stands, and pick-your-own produce in your neighborhood