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  • Flower Garden Bulbs - If you have questions about growing specific flower garden bulbs, this site is dedicated to providing the answers
  • Flower Bulb Basics - Learn about Flower Bulb Basics on GardenGuides.com. Info and videos including: About the Columbine Plant, How to Plant a Siberian Iris, About Camus Flowers & Bulbs and much more
  • Summer Flowering Bulbs - Gladiolus - The gladiolus was once known as a sword lily. Improved types were first developed from crosses of several species native to the Mediterranean area of Europe. Later discovery of African species led to crosses, which produced the forerunners of the attractive large-flowered types we know today
  • bulb.com - The home page of bulb.com, a source of news, photographs, and technical information on flower bulbs and garden trends for print, broadcast and "cyber" journalists.