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  • American Begonia Society - The American Begonia Society aims to "stimulate and promote interest in begonias and other shade-loving plants; encourage the introduction and development of new types of there plants; standardize the nomenclature of begonias; gather and publish information in regard to kinds, propagation, and culture of begonias and companion plants; and bring into friendly contact all who love and grow begonias
  • American Camellia Society - Information about the American Camellia Society, Massee Lane Gardens, growing Camellias, and the Festival of Camellias
  • The Garden Conservancy - The Garden Conservancy is a national, nonprofit organization founded in 1989 to preserve exceptional American gardens for the public's education and enjoyment
  • PlantAmnesty - Join PlantAmnesty in preserving plants and trees in our urban ecology by promoting quality gardening and landscaping practice