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Electronic Deer Trainers, Set of 3
Like an electric fence, this innovative device protects your garden from deer damage, but without the expense or hassle of installation. It produces effective but harmless microshocks, with no danger of continuous shocking. One set humanely protects 1,200 sq. ft. of valuable plantings. Lure attracts deer to post, which gives them a mild shock. Scent lures work short-range, won't attract deer to your property Set includes three electronic repeller posts Made by Havahart, the leading designer of humane animal controls Note: If you are ordering this item as a gift and it is the only item on your order, please be aware that there is a picture of the item on the outside of the shipping package 2" W x 27" H Set includes three electronic posts and protects 1,200 sq. ft. 6 AA batteries required (sold separately) No tools needed

Slug-X Trap
Leave it to a gardener in rainy England to improve on the tried-and-true "beer cup" method of trapping slugs. The Slug-X Trap has a low roof that keeps beer bait fresh and concentrates its enticing aroma. Inside, three large reservoirs vanquish an army of slugs and snails???dozens a night in badly infested gardens! Best of all, Slug-X doesn???t need to be buried, so it can be relocated easily without leaving holes behind. Cover concentrates the beer aroma to attract slugs Move it anywhere in your garden???no digging required 10¼" L X 8" W X 2¼" H Holds 1¾ cups liquid

Swiveling-Head Horned Owl
This life-sized great horned owl discourages hungry rodents and birds with its commanding presence and penetrating yellow eyes. An innovative swivel device allows his head to bob and turn in the slightest breeze. The effect is so lifelike, you'll find yourself looking twice! Lifelike, life-sized, and his head moves! Earth-friendly, non-toxic pest control A full 19 in. tall Realistic, hand-painted finish