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  • Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance - The mission of the BJA is to provide leadership and assistance in support of local criminal justice strategies to achieve safe communities. BJA's overall goals are to: (1) reduce and prevent crime, violence, and drug abuse and (2) improve the functioning of the criminal justice system
  • Sourcebook Online of Criminal Justice Stats - The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States presented in over 600 tables from more than 100 sources.
  • Justice Research and Statistics Association - JRSA is a national nonprofit organization of state Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs), researchers, and practitioners throughout government, academia, and criminal justice organizations
  • The Sentencing Project - The Sentencing Project is an independent source of criminal justice policy analysis, data and program information for the public and policy-makers. The Sentencing Project Website is designed to provide resources and information for the news media and a public concerned with criminal justice and sentencing issues
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance Evaluation Web Site - BJA is committed to the importance of program evaluation and to developing and enhancing evaluation capabilities at the State and local levels. Evaluation results provide policy makers and program managers with information for future program development and can be used to modify and improve existing programs
  • ABA Juvenile Justice Center - The Center's current activities emphasize the right to effective assistance of counsel and the representation of delinquent youth, issues surrounding juveniles tried as adults, and conditions of confinement. Under a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Center researched and released A Call for Justice: An Assessment of Access to Counsel and Quality of Representation in January 1996, and since then, the Center has worked with attorneys across the country to combat obstacles to effective representation
  • Criminal Justice Forum - The goal of our program and this site is to provide assistance to those dealing with the criminal justice system and to help the victim, defendants and their respective families find the help they need