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  • The American Prospect - American Prospect Magazine contributes to a renewal of America's democratic traditions
  • Politics, Analysis, Blogs and Opinion for the U.S. and World - Politics Daily - Politics Daily brings you the latest political buzz from bloggers on both sides of the aisle. Join the debate on elections, White House and Congress news. And get the scoop on the latest rumors, scandals and investigations from inside and outside the Beltway
  • The 9-12 Project - This website is a place for you and other like-minded Americans looking for direction in taking back the control of our country. It is also a place to find information that will assist you in navigating the rough waters we face in the days, weeks and months ahead
  • United States Politics' Guide - United States 2008 Presidential Election Guide. Barack Obama t-shirt store. Obama baseball shirts. Barack Obama Store with 3 shirts. Directory for political web sites. delegate count, super delegates, presidential delegate. Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Moderate, Illegal immigration, Barack Obama, Conservative opinion, blogs, news, articles, columnists, forums, polls, books & humor
  • Politics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • LiveReal.orgLiberal Conservative, and Moderate views on politics and current events
  • Debate Politics Forums - A US politics debate forum and discussion for hot topics in the US. Including abortion, gay marriage, us constitution, war on terror, and daily media bias in us politics
  • Tom Paine - TomPaine.com is a journal of opinion inspired by the great patriot Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and The Rights of Man
  • ThisNation - American government & politics portal. Everything you need to be an informed and effective citizen.
  • PoliticalCartoons.com - PoliticalCartoons.com is the home to more than sixty, top newspaper editorial cartoonists including eight Pulitzer Prize winners. Sixty political cartoons update daily. The site also includes an extensive teachers guide for using the cartoons in the classroom, and a complete listing for all of the editorial cartoonists on the web.
  • Common Cause - Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics
  • Grassroots.com - Grassroots.com is the premier web site for politics on the Internet, bringing together the largest community of political and policy-minded individuals, candidates, elected officials, and interest groups
  • PurePolitics.com - PurePolitics.com is an interactive political portal that provides news, education and entertainment about politics
  • Name Base - NameBase is an index of people influential in politics, the military, intelligence, crime, business, and the media since WWII. It started in the late 1960's when New Left activist Daniel Brandt began clipping magazine and newspaper articles and collecting investigative books about the power structure
  • Petition Online - The best place on the web to create and sign free public petitions on most any responsible topic

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