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  • Defense Technology International - free publication - the one publication focusing on the critical role of defense technologies in programs, policies, programs and funding, providing readers with integrated intelligence and global perspective in Land, Sea, and Air. For military officers, government officials and lead system integrators involved in air, land or sea defenses, DTI provides unprecedented coverage of the technologies that are driving new strategies and procurement plans to fight today's unconventional warfare and evolving threats. Here's what you'll find inside DTI
  • Office of Security - U.S. Department of Energy - The Office of Security in the U.S. Department of Energy develops strategies and policies governing the protection of national security and other critical assets entrusted to the Department of Energy
  • GlobalSecurity.org - GlobalSecurity.org is focused on innovative approaches to the emerging security challenges of the new millennium. The organization seeks to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons and the risk of their use -- both by existing nuclear weapons states and those states seeking to acquire such capabilities. GlobalSecurity.org aims to shift American conventional military forces towards new capabilities aligned with the post-Cold War security environment, and to reduce the worldwide incidence of deadly conflict. The organization is working to improve the capabilities of the American intelligence community to respond to new and emerging threats, reducing the need to resort to the use of force, while enhancing the effectiveness of military forces when needed. GlobalSecurity.org also supports new initiatives utilizing space technology to enhance international peace and security