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  • Peace Corps - Peace Corps Volunteers travel overseas to make real differences in the lives of real people. Apply online to Volunteer, find a local recruiting event, explore the world, read Volunteer stories, or access teacher and student resources
  • Freedom of Information Act - The US Department of Justice site has an informative reference site for the Freedom of Information Act - the public's right of access to information of government records
  • Congressional Budget Office U.S. Congress - The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides Congress with nonpartisan analyses for economic and budget decisions and with estimates required for the Congressional budget process
  • HUD - HUD was born in 1965, but its history extends back to the National Housing Act of 1934.
  • DOE Information Bridge - The DOE Information Bridge provides free and convenient access to full-text and bibliographic records of Department of Energy (DOE) research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics
  • Office of the Attorney General - The Attorney General, as head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government, represents the United States in legal matters generally and gives advice and opinions to the President and to the heads of the executive departments of the Government when so requested. The Attorney General appears in person to represent the Government before the U.S. Supreme Court in cases of exceptional gravity or importance
  • Office of the United States Trade Representative - The U.S. Trade Representative is America's chief trade negotiator and the principal trade policy advisor to the President. In this role, the USTR and the Agency's staff are responsible for developing and implementing trade policies which promote world growth, and create new opportunities for American businesses, workers and agricultural producers. USTR has permanent offices at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, as well as in Washington, D.C
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy - Features White House Drug Policy initiatives, programs, and publications. Find the Drug Czar's speeches, testimony and press releases. Outlines National Drug Control Strategy goals and objectives