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  • Absolute Facts - True stories about people and events that changed the life of mankind
  • Eye Wittness - First hand accounts of some of history's great and some of its more mundane events
  • Images for Reflection - Images of the Jewish Holocaust from the camera of amateur photographer and world traveler Scott L. Sakansky
  • Alterna Time - Browse the Past and some Futures... a collection of Timelines on the Web
  • Lost Liners - Learn about some of the greatest lost liners in history - the Titanic, the Lusitania, Empress of Ireland and more
  • Salem Witch Trials - Comprehensive document archive and transcription project about the Salem Witch Trials. Includes court records, historical maps, personal letters, record books, library collections and more
  • The Panama Canal - Learn about one of history's greatest engineering marvels of all time - The Panama Canal