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  • How to Raise Honey Bees - Raising honey bees and harvesting honey can be a lucrative business or even a part-time sideline. Honey bees require care and maintenance but a lot less than other farm animals or pets. Another good reason to raise honey bees is to pollinate your crops. Honey bee populations are declining across North America and if this...
  • Beekeeping - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
  • Beekeeping - This site includes information and photos on beekeeping, honey production, beekeeping tips, stories, jokes, and beekeeping history
  • Beekeeping Info - Bees and beekeeping: information about beekeeping, bees, honey. Treatment of pests and diseases
  • Beekeeping as a business and building your own beehives
  • Pollination - Flower markings are like the landing lights on an airport runway. They guide the bee into the flower's pollen grains
  • Jones Bee Company - Everything you need to keep bees, either as a hobby or commercially. If you can't find it, we will find it for you. Friendly bulletin board in case you have any questions
  • Honey Locator - The Honey Locator provides information about honey varieties - from alfalfa to wildflower
  • World's Beekeeping Directory - Beehoo is the first beekeeping directory. More than 1000 beekeeping websites. All what you need about bees, beekeeping, apitherapy, pollen, bee biology, hive products, in English and French
  • Central Beekeepers Alliance - Agriculture information, photographs, news and events, beekeeping message-board forum, honey recipes: website of commercial and hobby beekeepers' group in New Brunswick, Canada


Beekeeping - YouTube Videos