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  • How to Display a Rock Collection - After amassing your rock collection, the next logical step is setting up a display to house your rocks. Rocks often make for a beautiful natural showcase, especially if you follow a proper setup. Try to always keep rocks behind glass so that you can minimize dust and avoid frequent cleaning
  • Rocks - Pictures of Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks
  • Types of Rocks - Kids science videos, lessons, quizzes and games for K-12 grade school kids that make learning fun and interesting
  • Beautiful Agates Nodule Mineral - Beautiful Agates provides outstanding agate specimens including Queensland, Mexican, Brazilian, Condor, Fairburn, Dryhead, Botswana, and Lake Superior
  • Mineral Specimens and Crystals at mineralminers.com - Mineral Specimens and crystals at mineralminers.com: your on-line link direct to the mines for thousands of unique mineral specimens and crystals including display specimens, rare and unusual collector pieces and large decorator minerals
  • Rockhounding Arkansas - A comprehensive and authoritative guide to the hobby of rock collecting, a primer on geology, plus Arkansas minerals
  • Rocks For Kids - This site is for kids of all ages who love rocks. Here you will find out stuff about rocks & minerals and where to go to find out more
  • The Mineral Gallery - The Mineral Gallery is a constantly growing database of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens. The descriptions include searchable mineralogical data, plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds
  • MinMax - Mineralien Informations System

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