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  • Electrical Supply - Factory Direct Electrical Supply , New 2006 GFCI , Electrical Receptacles, Electrical Switches, Wall Plate Covers , FRRE Shipping On All Orders
  • Basic Electric - This electrical section introduces you to the Electricity, Lighting, Outlets and the Essentials of Home Wiring. It includes an overview, safety procedures, and useful terms
  • Bell Electrical Supply - Distributor of Hubbell Wiring Devices, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, Advanced Transformer, Carol Wire & Cable, plugs and connectors, Durant, IEC pin and sleeve, sensors, transformers, motor controls, starters
  • Circuit breakers from GE, gfci, ite, federal pacific, and cutler hammer circuit breakers for new, used and obsolete breakers
  • Home Wiring - Home repair / renovation instruction, learn plumbing, Appliance repair, Yard & Garden, building ,interference problems, home improvements, how to wire 3 or 4 way switches, fan/light combo, pools, garage, hot tubs, dwellings, wiring to meet nec code and much more
  • Telephone Wiring - Advice for home phone wiring and jacks with information about adding second or third line and reference for wire color codes.
  • Electricians Toolbox - Information that is useful to the electrician as well as the electrical contractor
  • Home Wiring and More - Home Wiring instruction, learn how to wire 3 or 4 way switches, fan/light combo, pools, garage, hot tubs, dwellings, meet nec code and much more
  • How stuff works - Motors - You might be surprised to find out just how much work is done by electric motors. They're everywhere! You'll find them in your car, your kitchen, bathroom, office... Find out how electric motors get stuff moving
  • The Electrician Finder - If You're Looking for an Electrician or Electrical Contractor you came to the right place! Over 60,000 to choose from! Search by Area Code, Zip (Postal) Code or Name
  • Electrical-online - Electrical wiring projects for the homeowner, including articles, advice and diagrams
  • elights.com - The Lighting Superstore - Buy Lighting: Garden Lighting, Outdoor Sensors, High Bay Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Down Lights, Recessed Lighting, High Bays, Low Bays, Dimmers, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Bath Fans, Bulb Heaters, Bath Bars, Track Lights, Chandeliers, HID, Quartz & Incandescent Floodlights, Work Lights, Wallpacks, Vandalproof, Vaporproof, High Hats, Sensors, Photo Controls, HID Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Light Bulbs, Quartz Lamps, Ballasts, Sensor Lanterns, Photo Controls, Transformers, Light Bulbs
  • Contractors Choice Lighting - Wholesale prices on recessed, cove, strip, track, rope, specialty, landscape lighting & more! Visit now to start saving money! You can't afford NOT to visit us!
  • Lighting Forum - Lightingforum.Com carries quality lighting products at the lowest prices permitted by the manufacturers
  • Electrician Supplies - An internet based distributor of electrical supplies. We stock over 12,000 items including lamps, ballasts and fixtures. Electriciansupplies.com sells to electricians, the government, industry and homeowners
  • Fox Electric Supply Company - Your total electrical supply supermarket. GREAT DEALS & OFFERS!; An electrical supply wholesale distribution company stocking over 13,000 products from over 1,000 suppliers


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  • How To Replace a Circuit Breaker
  • Wiring Box - discusses wiring boxes, which are used for all of your computer, cable and home audio speaker wiring. It is all low voltage wiring
  • Electrical Wires - describes common types, configurations of wire, and wire terminology. It explain the gauge system of rating wire size (diameter), circular mils
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