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  • MIDI.COM - MIDI.COM provides the most comprehensive guide to MIDI information on the Internet. A comprehensive guide to MIDI sites, MIDI files, and MIDI information will be kept constantly up-to-date by use of on-line database technology. Visit our MidiVista Search engine, and the Top 10 sites of the day!
  • FindSounds.com - FindSounds is a specialty search engine for finding sound effects on the WWW
  • Midi Sounds - Alternative music, country, games, holidays, metal, oldies, piano, rock, pop, rhythm and blues, mid classics. Thousands!! Many free downloads
  • Patriotic MIDIS - With all that's happened in the United States recently, with the horrible terrorist bombing, I thought it would be a good time to collect some Patriotic MIDIs for those of you that would like to download them. I have not created any of the files, I am merely posting them to the site for others to enjoy and download. There were no credits given to the authors of these files, however if you know of a file that was created by a specific person, let me know and I'd be happy to credit them."-Shelly Fabian, About.com editor