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  • Census Bureau - The Census Bureau Web Site provides on-line access to our data, publications, and products
  • FactMonster.com - United States Population: Census facts, popular names, colonial population
  • World Clock - The World Clock shows many stats including population, global warming and health issues
  • World Overpopulation Awareness - World Overpopulation Awareness is a non profit organization that endeavors to make people aware of population, overpopulation, its impacts, and what the choices are in doing something about it
  • PRB - The Population Reference Bureau provides timely and objective information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications
  • Population-Environment Balance - Population-Environment Balance is a national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the United States through population stabilization
  • DIE OFF - a population crash resource page - After the global oil peak production global carrying capacity will be impossible to maintain. The world economy will crash or stagnate eventually leading to a die off of the human population within the next fifty years
  • The Population Press - The Population Press believes that population stabilization, social justice, and environmental protection are the most significant issues facing the human race today. Our mission is to educate Americans about the benefits of population stabilization and sustainable consumption, both at home and abroad
  • Population Action International - The latest information from Population Action International on population issues, international family planning, reproductive and sexual health, and the environment
  • KZPG Overpopulation News Network - KZPG has the world's most comprehensive set of email lists, most extensive web site, and most advanced discussion forums dedicated to stopping population growth. Activists, professionals and others meet to share news, discuss ideas, and work out common goals and strategies to stop population growth, (with hope of someday reducing overall population levels.) - We're volunteer run, subscriptions are free, and your participation is welcome