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  • U.S. Congression Documents and Debates - A Century of Lawmaking For a New Nation provides access to U.S. congressional documents and debates from 1774-1873. The Law Library of Congress houses one of the most complete collections of U.S. Congressional documents in their original format
  • OurDocuments - Featuring 100 milestone documents of American history from the National Archives. Includes images of original primary source documents, lesson plans, teacher and student competitions, and educational resources
  • Free Legal Forms - Offers free legal forms, documents, contracts, agreements and free legal advice for business and personal transactions for lawyers, including Confidentiality Agreement, Debenture, Deferred Compensation Plan, Employment Agreement, Escrow Agreement, Incentive Plan, Indemnification Agreement, Noncompetition Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Promissory Note, Registration Rights Agreement, Security Agreement, legal research, law dictionary, legal articles, lawyer jokes, legal humor, Standstill Agreement, Stock Appreciation Rights Plan, Stock Award Plan, Stock Deferral Plan, Stock Option, Voting Trust Agreement, Warrant, and searchable SEC News Digest
  • National Constitution Center - National Constitution Center is an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the US Constitution, the Constitution's history and the Constitution's relevance to our daily lives
  • FindForms.com - FindForms.com is a one of a kind specialized search engine that gives you access to thousands of free legal forms and documents in many categories. Find form contracts, agreements, letters, pleadings, court forms and more.
  • The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net offers the text of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, a FAQ, glossary, comment/question area, and links to other resources
  • Parting Wishes - US, Canadian and international online wills, power of attorney, living wills, funeral planning, online memorials and other advance directives