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  • Supreme Chess - Learn to play chess by reading chess tutorials and solving problems.  You can also download chess games by famous players.  There are also links to useful free chess software
  • ChessProblems - Interactive chess problem database and community. Solve chess problems through a Java applet, add new problems, search, comment, and more
  • The Chess Store - The Chess Store is a family owned and operated internet and mail order store specializing in chess products
  • Letsplaychess.com - Letsplaychess.com is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players from all over the World! It is rapidly becoming the best place to play, compete in tournaments, join teams, learn, keep in touch with old friends and make new friends worldwide
  • Chess Tips - Chess improvement, tips and tricks, challenges, information, and shopping.
  • GrandMaster Chess - A revamped website of FIDE World Chapmpion-99 Alexander Khalifman and top Grandmasters. Chess news OTB, chess instruction, chess shop and much more
  • World Chest Network - Play chess online with opponents from beginners to grandmasters. World Chess Network provides free online chess and premium feature rich chess games, lectures, and interactive activities
  • The Week in Chess - Your full resource in chess: news, features, shopping, software downloads, tips and advice, books, highlights of championship games, and more
  • Chess Events - An announcements list of upcoming Chess events and tournaments
  • Chessopolis - Home of the world famous Chessopolis internet chess links directory, also with chess book reviews by Randy Bauer, Coffee Break Chess by GM Alexander Baburin, free chess downloads, and discussion forum
  • Chess For Juniors - National Scholastic Chess Internet Training Center, Colorado's Chess Club for Youth and National Chess Camps
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  • Learn Chess - 5min.com - 5min's Chess category offers you a variety of free how-to videos on Chess, including DIY tips, advice and useful tutorials