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  • Smart Crossword - SmartCrossword.com are crossword puzzles that teach children while they have fun
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  • Cricklers  - We have indeed re-invented the crossword puzzle and we hope you enjoy the results
  • About.com - Puzzles - A comprehensive puzzle site featuring crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, hangman, word search, quizzes, palindromes, puns, software, and a vast library of resources for puzzle solvers and creators. Play games online or print and solve on the go. Meet like-minded puzzle fans in the Puzzler's Forum. Happy puzzling!
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  • CrosswordLinks.com - A comprehensive Crossword Directory. Categorized links to many Crossword sites, including rules, graphics, books, articles, matches, software, forums, news, play sites, leagues, tournaments and more.
  • Daily Crossword - ThirdAge Crosswords -- Universal Crossword -- Solve this fun and challenging word puzzle!
  • Puzzle Depot - Crosswords and puzzles for k-12 education, recreation and edutainment will challenge your brain power!
  • Crosswordsite - Crosswords fun! Free US and British types, solvable online or printable. Easy puzzles to tough cryptics, each one original and carefully crafted
  • Thinks.com - Recreations for active minds: games, puzzles, math, words, images, books, software, web guide
  • Crossword Central - The best source of crosswords and crossword information on the Internet - cryptic crosswords, anagram crosswords, crossword web guide, crossword software, crossword books, crossword FAQ ... and more
  • Crossword Compiler  - Windows crossword maker with everything you need to create great educational, professional, and interactive crossword puzzles
  • Puzzle Choice - A wide choice of free printable and interactive puzzles and games for all the family. Crosswords, Word searches, Logics, Jigsaws, Sliders, Number puzzles, Quizzes, Word games and more
  • Puzzle Express - Features crossword, puzzle, word game and solitaire software for Windows and Pocket PCs. Also online games and free puzzles to download
  • Crossword Solver - Find the words you can't think of quick. Allwords.com is English dictionary with multi-lingual search. Search in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Pronunciation files get rid of those silly symbols than nobody understands. It's free, so try the allwords.com dictionary today!
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