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  • Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide - The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide includes over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet and a growing database of admiralty case digests, opinions and international maritime conventions. The emphasis is on the law of the United States and the focus is on Internet resources that can be used in an effective and practical manner by admiralty attorneys and maritime professionals
  • AdmiraltyLaw.com - The Maritime Law and Admiralty Law Page - This site deals with maritime law, admiralty law, shipping law, marine law, the law of marine insurance and the law of the sea, ships and shipping. It contains summaries of recent court decisions in these areas of law. It also contains links to other sites related to shipping, maritime law and marine insurance
  • Federal Maritime Commission- The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is an independent regulatory agency responsible for the regulation of ocean borne transportation in the foreign commerce of the U.S. The principle statutes or statutory provisions administered by the Commission are: the Shipping Act of 1984, the Foreign Shipping Practices Act of 1988, section 19 of the Merchant Marine Act, 1920, and Public Law 89-777
  • Maritime Law - Maritime Legal Resources, PC specializes in maritime law, the law that applies to boats, ships, seamen, longshoremen, yacht brokers, marine suppliers and incidents that occur on the water