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  • NOVA - Sinking the Supership - In this companion Web site to the NOVA program Sinking the Supership, view an interactive anatomy of the battleship Yamato, read eyewitness accounts if its final hours, see a slide show of its sinking, visit our teacher's guide, and more
  • Graveyard of the Pacific - The Shipwrecks of Vancouver Island - The treacherous shores of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada contain 1.5 shipwrecks per mile. This virtual exhibition offers a wealth of information about the numerous ships that have foundered on the Island's shores as well as the fascinating human and social history that went down with the ships
  • Historic Shipwrecks - Our Maritime Heritage - The Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Program aims to increase knowledge, use, appreciation and enjoyment of Australia's historic shipwreck heritage, while also ensuring the continued conservation, protection and preservation of these wrecks and relics
  • Long Island Shipwrecks - Long Island is the home of the famous "Wreck Valley". Hundreds of charted wrecks can be found in the waters off Long Island.  And there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of wrecks that are yet to be discovered or have not been charted
  • S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online - Website dedicated to the 1975 sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and the 29 member crew that was lost. Dedicated to informing others