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  • Maine Office of the Treasurer - Maine State Treasurer's Office provides the ability to search for unclaimed property, research state checks, obtain a history of municipal revenue sharing payments, get information about state bonds and learn about state investments, education saving and agricultural and commercial loan programs. In addition, the site links to numerous websites that assist individuals with personal money management and college finance information
  • State of Maine Attorney General - The Office of the Maine Attorney General provides legal representation for the State, its agencies, and on behalf of the public interest
  • Maine Judicial Branch - Maine's Judicial Branch site offers court forms, resources, information about all of Maine's courts, a site for jurors, and FAQ
  • Elections Division - The Elections Division supervises and administers all elections of federal, state and county offices and referenda, and in that capacity advises election officials from 500 municipalities, 600 candidates and the general public regarding election laws and procedures; prepares, proofreads and distributes 1,800 separate ballot types and other elections materials; tabulates official elections results; supervises recounts in contested races; and oversees the application of state laws pertaining to candidate and citizen initiative petitions
  • The Maine Arts Commission - The Maine Arts Commission encourages and stimulates public interest and participation in the cultural heritage and cultural programs of our state, expands the state's cultural resources, and encourages and assists freedom of artistic expression for the well being of the arts, to meet the needs and aspirations of persons in all parts of the state
  • Maine Historic Preservation Commission - Maine State Historic Preservation Office administers Federal programs such as National Register, Historic Preservation Tax Incentives, Review and Compliance and survey of archaeological and architectural cultural resources
  • Debt Society - Click on Maine and see how much its incarceration rate has grown, how its spending on prisons and higher education has changed, what proportion of its prisoners are drug offenders, and the racial disparity between its general and prison populations