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  • The Times Record - Mid Coast Maine's largest daily newspaper featuring the most comprehensive on-line resource, for news, sports, community and local business information
  • GoMOOS - GoMOOS is a national pilot program designed to bring hourly oceanographic data from the Gulf of Maine to all those who need it
  • Uncle Dub's Lazy Man's Guide to Maine - Live-Feed Maine News, Local Newspaper Links, Editable Community Events Calendar, Free Link Exchange, Maine Website Directory Links, and so much more added every week
  • Magic City Morning Star - News from the Katahdin area of Maine, including the towns of Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway
  • The Disaster Center Maine Page - The Maine disaster center your web guide and source for Maine State information, news, weather to county and city emergency management sites online. For links, to disaster travel, road, conditions, maps, history, government, services, public program, plans, records and research use the Maine Disaster Center homepage