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  • WebMD Physician Directory - Find a Doctor in Your Area - Find a doctor with the WebMD Physician Directory and get information including the physician's education/training, practice information, health insurance affiliations and contact information. Finding a doctor has never been easier
  • Sermo - Here, physicians aggregate observations from their daily practice and then - rapidly and in large numbers - challenge or corroborate each others opinions, accelerating the emergence of trends and new insights on medications, devices and treatments. You can then apply the collective knowledge to achieve better outcomes for your patients
  • Free Medical Books - over 300 free medical books and book-like websites. Daily presentations of new books. Free subscription to the book alerts
  • World Medics - A Medical Directory of Doctors and Hospital Free Listing Medical Portal Health Portal
  • Health Grades - The Healthcare Quality Experts - HealthGrades helps assess and improve the quality of healthcare nationwide. With its proprietary objective provider ratings and expert advisory services, HealthGrades is creating the standard of healthcare quality. HealthGrades works with all parts of the healthcare pie including providers, employers, payers and patients to offer targeted solutions to ensure quality healthcare. HealthGrades offers consumers free ratings to evaluate and select providers, works with providers to assess and enhance their care and helps employers and payers lower healthcare costs by improving quality overall.
  • American Board of Medical Specialties - The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is the umbrella organization for the 24 approved medical specialty boards in the United States. Established in 1933, the ABMS serves to coordinate the activities of its Member Boards and to provide information to the public, the government, the profession and its Members concerning issues involving specialization and certification in medicine
  • Doctors of the World-USA - Doctors of the World-USA has provided medical and humanitarian assistance to those in the greatest need in more than 20 nations -- from the people of war-ravaged Kosovo to abandoned children in Russia to indigenous Indians in Chiapas to South Africans devastated by tuberculosis
  • Acufinder.com - Find a Licensed Acupuncturist, Veterinary Acupuncturist, or Medical Doctor that practices Acupuncture. See photo, list of specialties, descriptions
  • Hair Loss Doctors Info - There are several types of hair loss that can occur from genetics, medications, disease, and cancer treatments. Find information on hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata