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  • Learning Things - Pictures of the battlefields and in-depth commentaries about Civil War times make the American Civil War History Books a valuable resource for every homeschool family
  • Selected Civil War Photographs - The Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861 - 1865, collection contains 1,100 Civil War encampments, battlefields, and portraits as captured by Mathew Brady and other photographers
  • Antietam on the Web - The American Civil War battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg). History: A comprehensive and extensive information source on the battle fought on September 17, 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Provides a searchable database of more than 1000 of the military leaders and other individuals, and 750 military units present, all 280+ published official battle reports and other primary source documents, battle maps, period photographs, interactive table of organization of the Union and Confederate forces, weapons used, articles and analysis, an extensive list of print and online sources, a short history of the campaigning that year, and summary casualty statistics. Also included are tools for online cooperation and contribution by members, featuring web submission forms and built-in peer review process
  • American Civil War - American Civil War Maps and Timeline. Casualties of the civil war, Colored troop information and state battle maps
  • AmericanCivilWar.com - American Civil War Maps and Timeline. Casualties of the civil war, reenactment merchandise state battle maps. Civil war chat and merchandise
  • Civil War Letters of the Christie Family - In 1861, two brothers, having just purchased a farm in Southern Minnesota, enlisted in the First Minnesota Battery of Light Artillery. Although neither expected a long tour of duty, William and Thomas Christie served in the First Minnesota Battery through June 1865. Their younger brother, Alexander, enlisted in an infantry regiment in fall 1864
  • American Civil War Collections - The Electronic Text Center is home to a variety of primary source material on the American Civil War, including letters, diaries and newspapers. Letter collections include searchable transcriptions as well as digital images of the manuscripts
  • Civil War @ the Smithsonian - Civil War @ the Smithsonian "is produced by the National Portrait Gallery and is dedicated to examining the Civil War through the Smithsonian Institution's extensive and manifold collections. Since the war itself, 18611865, the institution has been actively collecting, preserving, and remembering America's most profound national experience. Now through the World Wide Web, this site will significantly expand that mission, giving the public increased access to Smithsonian collections and archives."

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  • Introductions - Why Does the Civil War Era Have a Hold on American Historical