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  • Advanced loan calculator - Easy-to-use website for calculating and optimizing your loans. Fixed or variable interest rate. Various simulations: early repayment, interest-rate or payment amount change. Amortization schedule
  • Loan Calculator - Free loan calculator for calculating loan amortization payments
  • GetSmart - Visit GetSmart today for products that help you make the most of your money, whether you want to borrow, save, or better manage your finances
  • BanxQuote - BanxQuote® gets you mortgages, loans, credit cards and CD rates in all 50 states. Get daily market quotes and rates on Banking, Auto, Home and Consumer Finance
  • Bankrate.com - Where you can search for the lowest mortgage rates, best credit cards, auto loans, home equity, savings products, or any banking need
  • Loan Calculators - Calculators for auto and boat loans, home mortgages, sales tax, calories, pay-off, and more