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  • Commodity Seasonals  - www.commodityseasonals.com
    Detailed explanation of seasonal changes in supply and demand of the commodity markets.
  • Covered Calls  - www.coveredcalls.com
    Free data for covered call investing, including a calculator for analyzing positions.
  • DailyFutures.com  - www.dailyfutures.com
    News, charts, and information for serious futures investors.
  • Elliott Wave Futures Focus  - www.elliottwave.com
    Futures Focus is a free service provided by Elliott Wave International. It covers daily commentary on the U.S. futures markets. Other services include the Daily Futures Junctures, Monthly Futures Junctures, and The Elliott Wave Theorist.
  • FutureSource  - www.futuresource.com
    Free news, delayed quotes, charts, weather, and discussion groups.
  • Optionetics  - www.optionetics.com
    Commentary, publications, and options portfolios.
  • Option Digest  - www.OptionDigest.com
    Message board, recommendations, and trading strategies.
  • Options Industry Council  - www.optionscentral.com
    An introduction to options and related strategies. Free options quotes, seminars and interactive software.
  • Options Newsletter  - www.optionsnewsletter.com
    Covered call and stock option ideas updated daily.
  • Options Resource Center  - www.e-analytics.com/optaaa.htm
    Academic quality papers and examples dealing with all aspects of options.
  • Platts  - www.platts.com
    Global commodity news and information.
  • SchaeffersResearch.com  - www.schaeffersresearch.com
    Market analysis and commentary, sentiment research, option quotes, educational and trading tools for stock and option investors.
  • TFC Commodity Charts  - tfc-charts.w2d.com
    Tracks many major commodities and financial indicators.
  • The Option Club  - www.optionclub.com
    Research and option strategies for equity, indices and futures.
  • The Options Institute  - www.theoptionsinstitute.com
    Free courses and seminars offered by the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
  • The Option Strategist  - www.optionstrategist.com
    Options trading resources, advice and commentary from Lawrence G. Mcmillan.