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  • Tax Return - Online Federal and state income tax return preperation software, efile tax return with our online tax preparation services
  • irs.com - E-file and tax preparation help at IRS.com—get tax help, info about IRS taxes, fast refunds, filing tax extensions online with the Internal Revenue Service and federal tax forms.
  • Yahoo Tax Center - Help with your taxes can be found with the Yahoo Tax Center: an online tax preparation using Turbo-Tax; tax forms; tax calculators; tax tips and guidelines; state forms; and much more
  • GainsKeeper - GainsKeeper automatically calculates capital gains tax and schedule d by adjusting cost basis for splits, mergers, and wash sales; save money with tax-smart investing
  • go Efile - Go Efile allows you to prepare your U.S. income tax forms online, with no software to buy or download. You only pay when you efile or print your completed forms, and the secure system access keeps your financial information safeguarded
  • FileTaxes.com - Filetaxes.com is a business tax filing service for W-2s, 1099s, 941, and sales tax forms
  • Social Security Privatization - By 2012, Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in revenues. Read about privatization and benefits of moving current Social Security systems capital into private pension funds.
  • CPA - Award winning web site that has the largest collection of tax tips and accounting jokes on the Internet. Microsoft Excel users can also download JEM which is a real productivity booster for serious spreadsheet users.
  • Taxes - Essential Links to Taxes - Online resources to taxpayer tips and information on income tax preparation assistance, rules, tax code, financial planners and tax preparers, forms (from W-2 to Form 1040), publications, instructions, deductions and filing
  • Uncle Fed's Tax Board - The ONE-STOP web site for all your tax season needs. File your tax return on-line! Download IRS forms, instructions publications! IRS News Releases from 1989! IRS Bulletins! Tips on Surviving the IRS! Audit-Proofing Strategies! Tax Help Information not available anywhere else! Taxpayer Bill of Rights! Links to State Tax Sites; The Internet Directory of Tax Professionals! Easy to find Info!
  • Payroll-Taxes.com - Your Source For the Most Payroll Information! Payroll Links, Articles, State and Federal Contact Information and more..
  • Tax-News.com - Tax-news.com carries headlines on tax, e-commerce, legal issues, political developments, economic issues and offshore news for over thirty offshore jurisdictions or tax havens
  • Make Your Tax Payment Online - Charging your taxes is a simple way to maximize credit card rewards and give yourself some extra time to pay. Official Payments Corporation has processed government payments electronically since 1996 and is the leading provider of electronic payments of taxes and fees on the federal, state, and local level and have been an authorized partner of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service since 1999
  • Citizens for Tax Justice - Citizens for Tax Justice is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Accountants World - Lots of information for anyone interested in accounting and tax from the community of accountants who think ahead