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  • Pitchfork - website dedicated to music and the discussion thereof
  • About Music Education - Music Education website on About.Com dedicated to the study of music and music theory online.
  • Pollstar - The Internet's most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date concert tour database. Music fans anywhere in the world can access the latest concert tour information without charge, 24 hours a day
  • Computer Music Resources - Resources and links for making music on your computer. Soundcards, software, MOD files, MIDI, and audio programming
  • Windows Media Player - Download Site - Windows Media Player upgrades Microsoft ActiveMovie support to provide convenient access to new Windows Media content. It also supports most local and streamed multimedia file types including WAV, AVI, QuickTime, RealAudio 4.0, and RealVideo 4.0.
  • vh1 - Global music information network