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  • Global Security - GlobalSecurity.org focuses on shifting US military forces towards new capabilities aligned with the post-Cold War security environment, reducing the worldwide incidence of deadly conflict. John Pike directs
  • Globalization Issues - A collection of analysis, commentary, and background dealing with the driving force of our era -- globalization
  • WorldNews.com - Global news providing up to date stories on current events and the latest news on business, entertainment, environment, sport, health, human rights, fashion, travel and women. Search top news, breaking news, television, headlines and radio sites. Special Reports on global hot spots
  • The Outrage - If you thought that OJ's criminal trial was a sick joke you haven't seen anything yet. We give you the most outrageous outrage every business day
  • Positive Press - Positive Press' mission is to deliver good positive and inspirational news every day
  • DEBKAfile - Debkafile is an Israeli daily Newsletter with Political analysis and prognosis of Current Affairs, International conflicts, and more