» Pulp&Paper - Chemical Resources
  • Dow Corning - Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and Syl-Off brand paper coatings for labels, tapes and release liners. Silicone antifoams are process aids for pulp and paper manufacturing.
  • Michelman - Manufactures waterborne wax emulsions, wax dispersions, water based coatings for corrugated boxes and other paperboard products, and in-line coating equipment for webbed substrates
  • Reichhold - Chemistry - Today, Reichhold provides advanced polymers, adhesives and polymer systems based upon the most comprehensive technology found in a single company in the industry. Our customers are the leading producers of products you use every day. From carpets to boats, books to boxes, and paper to paint, Reichhold provides the polymers and technology that make things work
  • Chematron - Specialty Chemicals - CHEMATRON manufactures a broad line of textile chemicals to meet virtually any need. Since we are a specialty company, we invite your inquiries on products that may require custom manufacture.