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  • Kufferath - KUFFERATH`s three Divisions, Paper Machine Clothing, TecnoWeave® and Technology/Equipment for Solid/Liquid Separation, design, sell and service products for a variety of industries around the world
  • AstenJohnson - A manufacturer of paper machine clothing, specialty fabrics, filaments and drainage equipment
  • Filter Belts Inc. - Filter Belts, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of custom replacement filters and parts for liquid-solid separation equipment
  • Tamfelt - Tamfelt is one of the pioneers of Finnish industry. The company was founded over 200 years ago in 1797. Listed on the Helsinki Exchanges since 1942, Tamfelt is the third oldest listed company in the country following Fiskars and Hackman
  • Xerium Technologies, Inc. - Xerium Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of two categories of consumable products used in the production of paper - clothing and roll covers.
  • Wires & Fabriks - 1963 made a commitment to pioneer the development of engineered fabrics for paper industry in India