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  • Recruiters Cafe - The RecruitersCafe is a networking & split placement community for American and Canadian Executive Search Professionals. Our web-based B2B recruitment application features a 1.7 Million+ resume & split candidate database! Expand your mind. Expand your market
  • Madison Search Consultants - Executive Search Firm specializing in all aspects of the Pulp & Paper Industry including packaging & converting, printing, food and manufacturing
  • P.I.R. - Paper Industry Recruitment - Paper Industry Recruitment is a well established firm located in Gorham, Maine specializing in the recruitment and placement of professionals in the pulp and paper industry
  • William J. Christopher Associates - Employ - A fee paid executive search firm providing employment opportunities in North America. Industry specific serving: Paper Mills, Coaters & Converters, Printers, Merchants/Distributors, & the Packaging Industry
  • ChemicalEngineer - Chemical engineer job listing and recruiting site for chemical engineers and jobs related to the chemical engineering profession