» Pulp&Paper - Test Equipment
  • Testing Machines Inc. - Manufacturer of instruments to test physical properties of pulp and paper. Instruments measure pulp freeness, chip classification, smoothness, permeance, softness, roughness, thickness, color, opacity and brightness
  • Applied Paper Technology, Inc. - A testing and consulting service to the manufacturing, converting and end user industries of paper, paperboard, and packaging. We provide physical, functional, and appearance evaluation/auditing of substrates, and packaging materials.
  • Cognex - Cognex ® is the world’s leading supplier of machine vision systems, or computers that can "see". Our machine vision systems gauge, guide, inspect, and identify products on the fastest production lines. Over 150,000 of our vision systems worldwide help manufacturers automate the production of a wide range of products .... from semiconductor chips to chocolate chip cookies. The result is improved productivity, enhanced quality, and reduced manufacturing costs