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  • Penobscot Bay Press - Three local newspapers are linked at this site. One of them is the Castine Patriot. It is the paper of record for Castine and Penobscot
  • The Schooner Isaac H. Evans - The National Historic Landmark Schooner Isaac H. Evans provides exceptional sailing vacations on the Coast of Maine. We specialize in family trips with children age eight or older welcome on all of our three or four day trips! We're the only vessel that offers Full Moon Night Sailing!
  • Pen Bay Mall - Pen Bay Mall is an Internet shopping mall, but it feels like an old-fashioned small town business center. That is because Pen Bay Mall hosts web pages for the shops that you can find if you visit some of the actual downtown areas in the small cities and towns around Penobscot Bay, a beautiful and scenic portion of the Atlantic Ocean, along the coastline of the State of Maine, in the United States of America.
  • Paddle Trip Exchange - Our trip descriptions include road maps, paddle maps, photos, trip details, distances, safety tips, and more