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  • Birds Videos - The best online videos from leading experts in Birds. Looking for how to instructions? Get information on Birds via free video clips
  • The Pet Bird Page - Parrot Comparison, and help finding right parrot breeds. comparing Grey, Love Bird, Cockatiel, Parakeets, Budgies, Conure, Sun, Jenday, Mollucan, Cockatoo, Sulfer, Quaker, Eclectus, and other parrots
  • AvianWeb - Parrot informational resource, bird care, parrot care, bird information, AvianWeb,is an extensive bird/parrot informational resource. All you need to know whether you are living with a bird or enjoy birding. Bird and parrot species listing, proper care and feeding and breeder resources
  • Cockatiel Birds- Website related to cockatiel birds with information related to health issues. We have pictures, sound clips of cockatiels doing mimic sounds, videos and a complete care guide
  • Bird-Net - The Bird-Net.com web site is dedicated to providing Aviculturists, Breeders and Pet Bird Lovers with the unique opportunity to access the information they need, shop for the products they want and exchange the stories they love
  • Birds and Pets - Birdsandpets.com, birds, toys, bird fairs, bird shows, bird marts, bird sale, show, mart, sale, parrot, macaw, cockatoo, cockatoos, macaws, parrots
  • ParrotChronicles.com - The first e-zine for parrot owners, including features, news, bird- club and bird-rescue group listings, and advice on health, behavior and breeding
  • Flockintiels - A site for information on cockatiels, budgies and finches