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  • Fish - 5min.com - 5min's Fish category offers you a variety of free how-to videos on Fish, including DIY tips, advice and useful tutorials
  • Just Tropical Fish - Just Tropical fish is your one stop website for tropical fish queries. It lists the most popular fish, with details on how to keep them, as well as more general information on how to choose the right aquarium, how to get started, care of fish, common diseases, prevention and cure.
  • Pet Fish Talk - Pet Fish Talk is an internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds
  • AquariumFish.net - AquariumFish.net sells a wide variety of pet fish including tropical fish, goldfish, fancy koi, bettas, guppies, oscars, puffer fish, and aquatic plants. This site also contains lots of useful information about pet fish
  • Tropical Fish and Aquarium Information - Designed for beginners, FishLore.com provides freshwater and saltwater tropical fish information, articles, how-to guides, fish profiles, FAQs and forums
  • Aqua Friend - AquaFriend.Com offers free, easy to understand information about rare and odd species, with an emphasis on cichlids, sharks and loaches. Plus, freshwater questions and answers and a weekly fish chat
  • Marine Aquarium Advice - Resource for marine aquarists. Large library of original articles, live chat, discussion forums, photo gallery and a unique consultation service
  • Petfish.net - Petfish - where aquarium keeping is made simple and easy. Offering articles, tips and tricks that will make your aquarium hobby a lot more fun
  • Tropical-fish.net - Tropical-fish.net has many features and functions for all, from the beginners to the breeders of tropical fish
  • Goldfish Society of America - The Goldfish Society of America (GFSA) is devoted to the successful keeping and enjoyment of goldfish. The GFSA is one of the largest organizations in the world devoted solely to goldfish. While centered in the United States of America, the GFSA boasts an international membership

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