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  • American Goat Society - Purebred herd books since 1936. Serving the needs of both standard-sized and miniature dairy goat breeders through herd books, shows, classification and DHIA
  • Goat Rancher - Home Page for Goat Rancher, the Magazine of America's Commercial Meat Goat Industry. The only magazine published by goat ranchers for goat ranchers
  • GoatWorld.Com - Goats from all over the world - goat breeders, goat producers, goat farm hobbyists, goat lovers of all ages will find something useful at GoatWorld.com, including our Goat Chat Room, Goat911 Emergency Help List to help with sick goats, Free Classifieds, Goat Postcards, Online Store...information on raising or breeding Boer, South African Boer, Cashmere, Angora, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen, Alpine, Toggenberg, Oberhasli, Spanish, Tennessee, Fainter, Myotonic, or other goats for meat, dairy, fiber, packing, brush control or pets...raising kids, fencing...shelter...photo gallery...Goat World Email Lists, Buttons, Hats, and more...Goat Radio...Goat's Milk Soap Workshop...Ice Cream from Goat's Milk, Cheeses, Goat Meat Recipes...comprehensive community site on goats!
  • American Boer Goat Association - We are your association, dedicated to promoting and enhancing your experience and enjoyment of Boer goat breeding and husbandry. This website provides all the resources, or connections to them, that you will need to successfully raise and show the finest breed of meat goat in America today