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  • Major Philosophy Directories - Major Online Philosophy Directories at Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base. Erratic Impact has gathered the world's best philosophy directories into one place with annotations
  • Internet Philosopher - Internet Philosopher is a free, teach yourself tutorial on the Web, aimed at students and lecturers in UK higher education who want to improve their Internet research and information skills. The tutorial takes around an hour to complete, offering a step-by-step guide to key Internet resources for philosophy, Internet searching, Web-site evaluation and Internet research skills. It includes quizzes, interactive exercises and a glossary of Internet terms. The tutorial has been written by Stig Hansen and Dr Nik Jewell, LTSN Philosophical and Religious Studies Subject Centre, University of Leeds. This is one of a set of tutorials called The RDN Virtual Training Suite, which offers Internet tutorials for more than 60 subjects taught in UK colleges and universities
  • Philosophy @ Large - Department of Philosophy web site at the University of Liverpool. Here you will find one of the largest philosophy based resources on the net