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  • AzBilliards.com - AzBilliards is one of the longest running and widely respected billiards websites on the internet today. With well over 150,000 visitors and 1 million page views a month, AzBilliards makes a great place to advertise your billiards product or tournament
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  • Playpool.com - Find pool rooms and pool tournaments anywhere in the USA. Single and double elimination tournament charts available for free download
  • Easy Pool Tutor - Free Pool lessons online plus a directory listing of cuemakers, cues, tables, pool halls, tournaments and much more. News and articles about pool, billiards and snooker. Tips, lessons, instructions, practice drills and tutorials for all levels of pool players. Learn how to play pool and billiards
  • Be good at billiards - Be good at Billiards is the web site reference for all billiard and snooker players. Rules, basics and advances principles, cuts, effects, cross, behaviors, examples, instructions and more